John Jacob Niles Sings American Folk Songs

Visitor's Comments

"As a student in the 12 grade laboratory school on the Eastern KY College campus from the early forties to 1953,
I was privileged to hear Mr. Niles perform many times at assemblies. He was always gracious to even the youngest students and so very memorable. He will always embody the very soul of the music of Appalachia to me even after more than 50 years."
--Sue Barger, Loveland CO

"I've been a Niles fan for decades, since I first heard a cut of his on same Newport Folk Festival (Vanguard) albums where I discovered Joan Baez."
--Ethan Scarl, Huntsville AL

"I grew up hearing my mother singing his songs to us."
--Beatrice Whelan, Elberfeld IN

"Beautiful tribute to a fascinating man."
--John Matthews, Columbia SC

"I remember JJN from my youth. My parents knew him very well. What a magnificent musician and wonderful man."
--MEW, Texas

"Thank you for developing this web site. John was one of my heros."
--John M. Danek, Mission TX

"Always been deeply taken by JJN singing his own discoveries, the passion in his voice."
--Ed Hug, Greenfield MA

"Thank you for putting up this site with the information about this remarkable person."
--M.M., Hartford CT

"I heard John Jacob Niles for the first time last night (on the Martin Scorsese Dylan documentary that is currently airing on BBC TV here in the UK) and was totally blown away by his voice. And the more I read about him the more interesting he becomes."

"As a singer and song writer myself I would like to say how heart warming it is to find your site preserving the memory of this wonderful musician, he may not be with us any more in the flesh but his music and its power lives on. Keep up the good work, the site looks and reads great. Thank you."



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